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Vestibular Bulbs

Crus Clitoris

Clitoral Hood

Head of the Clitoris


Vaginal Opening

This protects and lubricates the delicate clitoral head.

The most sensitive part of the clitoris. This is what most people think of as the clit.

The "legs" of the clitoris, these are inside, surrounding the urethra and vagina.

Areas of erectile tissue that swell during arousal, causing the vagina to lengthen and the clit to become more prominent.

Welcome to the pleasure center of the yoni! Stimulating the clitoris, whether directly or indirectly, is the most common way for women to orgasm. You may be familier with your clit, but did you know that the clitoris has two long roots, or legs, that extend all the way down to the vagina?


The clitoris is much more than just a button, it can be up to 9 cm from top to bottom! Even vaginal pressure can stimulate the clitoris by pressing on the surrounding tissue. Yowza!

The Clitoris

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